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1940 – 24’6 Garwood $120,000

This boat is one of two known to exist from 1940, the other boat is in California with the less desirable twin engine configuration. Only 4 hulls were built this year. This boat has spent all if its years residing in two different boat houses on New England’s most northern lakes.

Utility layout with walk-through front seating to second bench seat walk-through to stern seat and motor box for extra seating or picnic – hors d’oeurves layout.

Plus leather interior with smooth seat bottoms and button tufted seat backs and snap on motor box cover. Boat has generous seating for 8 adults, all in comfortable seats.

Engine is a low hour Crusader 270 h.p. GM block with a 1:1.23 reduction gear, all mechanicals have been upgraded to match; including new shaft and custom made high performance rudder. Boat can obtain speed up to 48 MPH, cruises at 23-28 MPH very nicely, large 60 gallon fuel tank.

Boat has optional Dietrich folding top with refurbished wood bows and all newly re-chromed folding parts, the fabric covering has not been done yet but can be for additional price.

All hardware on boat is also in excellent condition. This boat also has the optional windshield mounted spotlight.

This boat comes equipped with the optional large icebox cabinet cooler, located behind the front passenger seat. This can be retrofitted to electric if needed, however throw in a block of ice and this will keep beverages cold even on the hottest days.

Boat is 95% original wood since new. The transom mahogany has been replaced and the forward bulkhead under the dash was made from some of the first plywood ever manufactured and delaminated thus needing replacement with glued up African mahogony.

Bottom is original on boat and does not leak after a few days of swelling. We re-caulked and painted it this year.

Boat has been completely refinished only once after being in a boathouse in Northern Maine for 42 years. We have recently given the boat three fresh coats of varnish on all surfaces including seat bases and all trim. New flooring, engine tune-up, carburetor re-build, fuel tank purge, inspection and tightening of all through-hulls. Boat has been completely rewired to ABYC standards

Trailer is a Venture tandem axle galvanized steel, set up with bow stop, high winch post and PVC loading stays. The forward axel is complete with hydraulic surge brakes

Advantage of this boat over other makes including Chris-Craft:

First off and probably most important, Gar Wood built fewer boats to a much higher standard than others, hence the high re-sale and desirability of these boats. Also they were constantly improving existing models making the ride and performance better than their competitors.

The engines were typically the best available with a vast array of speed ranges for each model. The scantlings or dimensions of the planking and framing were usually thicker or of a better grade than their competitors. Upholstery and castings were done to a higher standard than others of the time. The overall package cost more at the time and might have cost them in overall sales; however most astute speed boat buyers of the day wished they too owned a Gar Wood. We fell our Gar Wood boat is representing of one of the roomiest, most comfortable, best handing antique motor boats available in the country. More and more wooden boat enthusiasts are switching from a triple cockpit boat to the more creature comfort utility style boat.